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Why case studies?

A case study is the story of how a customer used your product and services to revolutionize their business. Case studies show off time saved, headaches averted, and revenue generated because of you.

Sharing these transformations helps you convince prospects that your offerings are right for them. They see your product in action. They believe in it. That’s why 77% of B2B buyers cited customer success stories as the most influential content they consumed during the evaluation stage.

Case studies help you attract leads and make sales. Anticipate this and serve up case studies when your prospects need them most.

Case studies are powerful and persuasive with many uses.

  • Share them on your website.

  • Gift them to your sales team.

  • Add them to your email funnels.

  • Watch the conversions roll in.

Take it from our happy clients

  • “Emma is a joy to work with and an incredible writer.

    I’ve worked with Emma over the past few years to write customer stories
    for our blog. I have complete confidence in her ability to interview your
    customers, write up a compelling and clear customer story, and fold in
    feedback. I can’t say enough good things about her!”

    Maura Rivera, Marketing at GetFeedback
  • “Emma works hand in hand with her clients to develop and
    execute customer stories that will provide value to the end user
    and to the client.

    She is dependable, approachable, and very detail-oriented.”

    Kim Courvoisier, Marketing at Campaign Monitor

How it Works

Phase 1: Discovery

You tell us what you want from your case studies and where you are right now. We’ll learn everything we can about your product and customers. From there, we’ll figure out a strategy tailored for you.

Phase 2: Interviews

We interview your customers, record the calls, and get written transcriptions we can work from. You’ll receive the call recordings as well as the transcriptions for future reference.

Phase 3: Creation

We create a well-formatted, easy to read case study based on what you want and what we learn from your customers.

Phase 4: Approval

You tell us what you like and don’t like so we can make sure the case study is perfect for you. We’ll also check with your customer to make sure they’re flattered by what we’ve said.

Phase 5: Delivery

We’ll take all your feedback and create a finalized case study that shows off your business. At this stage, we will bring in our team of designers (or use yours) to ensure that the case study design is as perfect as the copy.

Why Work With Us?

We absolutely adore case studies. We love digging in and getting to know customers, how they tick, and presenting our clients with case studies that win them more business.

Our small team of experienced copywriters and designers has years of experience in tech. We’re dedicated to making the best case studies on the web.

We have a streamlined process for completing case studies so that you get the assets you need with little fuss.

Our case studies are:

Completed quickly


Easy to read

Tailored to you

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