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Want a speaker to talk to your audience about copywriting, good communication, content marketing, or growing a service-based business?

I’m passionate about sharing what I know. I have a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is speaking style that has been described as “refreshing,” “straight to the point,” and like a “cannonball.”

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Stuff I can talk about

  • Copywriting + Content Marketing

    • How to use interviews to create compelling content

    • How to write copy that reaches your customers and makes them convert

    • How to create a website that reaches your audience

    • Dumb mistakes copywriters make that cost them business

  • Startup and Tech Marketing

    • How to create compelling case studies for SaaS products

    • How to interview early stage users at a startup

    • How to make your customers give a shit about your brand

    • How to figure out what your customers are actually thinking

    • Why you need user-generated content (and how to get it)

  • Running a Service- Based Business

    • Why relationships should be the lifeblood of your business

    • How to give a client everything they want without losing your mind

    • Why you need confidence as a business owner (and how to get more of it)

    • 5 Copywriting tips to improve your personal website

Holler at my fans

  • “Emma absolutely killed it on stage.

    She belongs up there. I love her honesty & the way she convey ideas with such clarity & empathy – it’s truly a rare mix.”

    Nikita Morell, Marketing Consultant for Architects
  • “Some speakers know how to own a room.

    From the moment they walk on stage, you know something magical is about to happen. You’re intrigued, enraptured, and in awe the entire time. Then, when it’s over, you look down and realize you never even took notes—and that’s OK—because you’re never going to forget the lesson. Emma is one of those speakers.”

    Justin Blackman, Pretty Fly Copy
  • “Emma’s mastered the art of physically engaging a seated

    Her use of the stage’s expanse naturally makes you lean forward as she talks … and it’s one of those talks where you realize you’re goofy smiling as you listen. If you want to add a personality-packed, dynamic educator, don’t miss out on Emma!”

    Ashlyn Carter, AshlynWrites.com
  • “I love watching Emma talk — not only is she hilarious, but she’s
    also confident as hell with a natural stage presence that takes
    most speakers years to master.

    Emma’s not afraid of sharing actionable advice and relatable stories that
    keep her audience giggling and engaged. I want to host an event just so I can ask her to speak.”

    Chanti Zak, Copywriter
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