Sharing and Selling in a World of Uncertainty

A Writing Workshop for Communicators

Our world has been upended. How do you effectively communicate with your customers and clients?

COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we work, play, and live. As a marketer or entrepreneur, you might be wondering how to talk to your audience right now.

Should you be talking about the pandemic? Is it ok to be funny? How do you resume selling, or market to people without feeling like you’re capitalizing on disaster?

You need help figuring out what to say and how to say it. Join us on June 10, 2020 for a 90-minute workshop built to help you continue sharing and selling in this time of uncertainty.

Does this sound like you?

Should I talk about COVID-19 or are people sick of hearing about it?

Selling is essential for keeping the lights on in my business, but I feel sleazy trying to sell stuff when so many are suffering.

Is it ok to user humor during a pandemic?

How do I make my writing stand out when everyone is saying the same thing?

How do I maintain my brand voice while still being sensitive?

What do I say if my business is actually benefitting from the pandemic?

This Workshop Will Help You...

✓ See how others have adjusted and adapted their communications strategies during this time.

✓ Feel confident about marketing and selling your products and services.

✓ Understand exactly where your audience is and what they need to hear from you.

✓ Write with compassion and empathy so that you’re always sensitive to what your peeps are going through.

✓ Ensure your writing sounds like YOU or your brand– no matter the state of the world right now.

Your Trusty Communication Experts

  • Emma Siemasko is the founder of Stories by Us and a business coach for solopreneurs. She specializes in web copy, longform content, and customer stories for growing tech companies. Emma also co-founded the Domina Retreat, a boutique event for women business owners. Emma’s clients include Intuit QuickBooks, Grammarly, and Healthline. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and BuzzFeed.

    Emma Siemasko, Founder of Stories by Us
  • Hannah Richards is a Content Marketing Strategist at Ethos Marketing and creator of Oh Baby Richards, a blog on motherhood and parenting. Hannah helps companies across a wide range of industries create and adapt their content marketing strategies.

    Hannah Richards, Ethos Marketing

What Will The Workshop Cover?

✓ The current state of writing and where it fits into your business.

✓  Ideas for how to become a better writer  – all the time, not just in a pandemic.

✓ 3 writing exercises to help you immediately sharpen your communication skills.

✓  Examples of companies and individuals with stellar communication strategies right now.

✓ A Q&A session designed to answer all your burning questions.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for anyone who’s responsible for communicating online. Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, entrepreneur, or influencer, if you’re struggling to know what to say as we navigate uncertainty, this workshop will help.

Our Story


Emma Siemasko and Hannah Richards met in 2006 as freshmen in college. We have a long history of working and playing together, even though we now live on opposite coasts.

We believe that everyone is a writer and that writing doesn’t have to be hard.


This March (at the VERY beginning!), we hosted a Writing Workshop at Altitude Summit in Palm Springs.

We received such positive feedback on our workshop that we’ve decided to share our insights with a greater audience via a virtual workshop.

We'll share:

  • Tips for how to write faster and clearer
  • Ideas for how to approach writing during uncertain times
  • How to use writing to get the business results you desire
  • What your audience needs to hear from you (and how to be sensitive)

What's it cost?

Writing Workshop


This includes the live and recorded workshop.


Take it from our happy workshop attendees

How it Works

We’ll be hosting this workshop as a live, virtual event on Crowdcast. There will be an active chat, presentation complete with live exercises, and a Q&A session.

After you’ve registered, you’ll receive instructions on how to attend via email. Crowdcast is very easy to use!

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the workshop after the event, so if you can’t attend live, you can still benefit.

How much is it?

Writing Workshop


This includes the live and recorded workshop.



How much is it?

Writing Workshop


This includes the live and recorded workshop.