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Create trust and build authority with longform content.

Longform content – blog articles, eBooks, and guides – generates trust. By providing your audience with valuable information, you can show that you’re a trusted authority. This makes it much easier to convert prospects and make sales.

A successful content marketing strategy includes longform resources that address customer pain points. Our customers use longform content to support SEO strategy, position team members as experts, reduce customer churn, attract investors, and nurture prospects down the sales funnel.

Longform content helps you attract leads and make sales. Anticipate this and serve up content when your prospects it most.

Longform content has many benefits.

  • Support your SEO strategy.

  • Attract well-qualified traffic.

  • Inspire your audience.

  • Watch the conversions roll in.

Take it from our happy clients

  • “Emma is a consummate professional. She works hand in hand with her clients to develop and execute content that will provide value to the end user and to the client.

    She is dependable, approachable and very detail-oriented. She is strategic, but can also roll up her sleeves and get the work done and get it done right. Emma delivers rock solid work, on time and is a breeze to work with.”

    Kim Courvoisier, Director of Content Marketing, Thanx
  • “Quite simply, Emma was amazing to work with in every aspect.

    I hired Emma because her passion and enthusiasm were palpable from our first conversation. Two of her highlights from her time at Grasshopper include developing the content in our Resource Center which got 150k visits in 18 months, as well as nearly tripling blog traffic. Emma’s contributions to the team and company culture by way of her fun and unique personality were also intangibles worth their weight in gold.

    Matt Koulas, Head of SEO, LogMeIn
  • “Copywriters aren’t very hard to come by these days, but finding a skilled writer who also understands how to develop and implement content marketing strategies is rare—Emma possesses a level of knowledge and expertise that you just can’t find everywhere.

    If you’re looking for someone who can help you take your content marketing efforts to the next level, if you’re looking for a skilled researcher who can add real value to your content, if you’re looking for a professional who is willing to go above and beyond to understand your business, audience, and goals—I highly recommend you work with Emma.”

    Rob Wormley, Marketing, Fastly

Creating longform content with Stories By Us

Step 1. Content marketing strategy

Audience development & customer research

Competitive analysis & keyword research

Step 2. Interviews with subject matter experts

Original content created from interviews with experts

Recorded audio interviews and transcripts

Step 3. Engaging longform content

Engaging, longform content tailored to your audience

Well-formated and easy to read


Why Work With Us?

We absolutely adore creating longform content. We love digging in and getting to know your audience and brand voice so that we can create engaging assets that support your business.

Our small team of experienced copywriters and designers has years of experience in tech. We’re dedicated to making the best longform content on the web.

We have a streamlined process for completing longform content so that you get the assets you need with little fuss.

Our longform content is:

Completed quickly


Easy to read

Tailored to you

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