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15 tools I swear by as a content marketing consultant

If left to my own devices, I’ll sit in bed laughing at videos of Pomeranians until I get bedsores. But software tools and productivity processes get me out of bed and into my office chair. Yea boi.

I’ve compiled 15 tools I swear by as a freelance writing consultant. These tools are so helpful and awesome that Snoop Dogg is probably using them to keep track of his weed supply.

Hopefully, there’s a tool or two on this list you haven’t considered before. Maybe my processes can help YOUR processes. But maybe your shit is way better than mine already ;-)

What tools do you use to keep yourself sane? How do you keep it cool when it’s 1,000 degrees and that blog post you’re working on just caught on fire? I would love to hear about your favorite tools for organization, productivity, and communication.

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Why WHERE matters when you write

Isn’t it so great that you can work from anywhere? You love working remotely. You have a lot more flexibility. You can roll out of bed and into your work space. As I write this, I’m only wearing underwear. I

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State of AI in Content Marketing in 2023

WHAT IS THE STATE OF AI IN CONTENT MARKETING IN 2023? Over the last several months, we’ve all been drowning in AI hot takes, like: ChatGPT is taking over the world 10 tricks for using AI to edit 75 AI

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